As an important part of the conference, the workshop program will focus on new research challenges and initiatives. Their objective is to complement the regular program with specific or emerging topics that are of particular interest to the Web Intelligence community and, in case of Workshops, to provide a forum for intense and deep-going discussions. The workshops may have special invited sessions organized by prominent researchers.
For Submission of Workshop session papers:

List of accepted Workshops

1) 1st Int. Workshop on Affective Computing and Emotion Recognition (ACER 2017)

2) 2nd Int. Workshop on Intelligent Data Analysis in Integrated Social CRM (iCRM 2017)

3) 2nd Int. Workshop on Knowledge Management of Web Social Media (KMWSM 2017)

4) Workshop on 10th Natural Language Processing and Ontology Engineering (NLPOE 2017)

5) Int. Workshop on Social Media for Loyalty Building (SoMeLB 2017)

6) Int. Workshop on Web Personalization, Recommender Systems and Social Media (WPRSM 2017)

7) 4th Workshop on Complex Methods for Data and Web Mining (CMDWM 2017)

8) 2nd Int. Workshop on Platforms and Applications for Social problem Solving and Collective Reasoning (PASSCR 2017)

9) 5th Int. Workshop on News Recommendation and Analytics (INRA 2017)