Leisure Activities

City Walk | Boat Trip | Bus Tour | Guided Tour of St. Thomas‘ Church

City Walk

On Thursday and Friday (respectively at 16:30) you will have the chance to discover the historical Leipzig.
„A walking tour through the city center with one of our certified guides is the best way to discover the most famous sights of Leipzig’s city center in a short time. Walking through the modern Speck’s Hof passage we first reach the St. Nicholas Church with its churchyard, which was the focus of events in fall 1989. We go on to the Augustusplatz with the Opera and Gewandhaus Concert Hall and the freshly arising university complex. Opposite the Naschmarkt with the Old Stock Exchange you will see Leipzig’s most famous arcade – Mädlerpassage. Next to the entrances to Auerbach’s Keller, the word-famous restaurant, are two groups of figures connected with Goethe’s drama “Faust”. The location has been a restaurant since the beginning of the 16th century. The Old Town Hall, one of the most beautiful Renaissance buildings in Germany, is situated the eastern side of the Market Square. We then pass Barthel’s Hof, a passage courtyard leading to our most famous pub mile – Barfußgässchen. Numerous pubs and restaurants mark the path through of Leipzig’s most famous alley. The last highlight of our tour will be St. Thomas Church, the main church of the Thomanerchor, Leipzig’s famous boys choir, who are appreciated all over the world.“
(Source: leipzig-erleben.com)

Boat Trip

On Friday and Saturday (respectively at 16:30) you will have the chance to experience Leipzig’s historical waterways.
The Leipzig region has more than 20 lakes and offers a top water quality, idyllic nature as well as impressive villas and residential buildings.

Bus Tour

On Saturday at 16:30 you will have the chance to discover even more Leipzig highlights such as:
Beautiful architecture from the years of rapid industrial expansion in Germany at the end of the 19th century, Monument to the Battle of the Nations, German National Library and many more (Source: leipzig-erleben.com)

Guided Tour of St. Thomas‘ Church

The leisure activities of WI2017 are rounded off on Saturday at 14:30 with a tour of St. Thomas Church(’s steeple).
„It is the perfect addition to any Leipzig program. 50 meters above Leipzig and only 232 steps from the churchyard, you will experience a magnificent panoramic view of the city. The ascent itself already includes interesting stops along the way. You will see the graffiti of a Saxon artillerist from the time of the Battle of the Nations as well as a cannon ball which got stuck in the beams in 1813. You will visit the warder’s apartment, which was inhabited from 1533 to 1917 and stretches across three levels. Finally, you will see the historic bells, which have all been preserved. You will learn about the message they spread during our tour.“
(Source: leipzig-erleben.com)